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2048 Game

This is wonderful puzzle game and it is very simple to play.  In this game players have to perfectly match up tiles with the similar numbers that combines into one tile providing a double or larger tiles number which have been combined.  You can utilize your arrow keys to shift your tiles, and every time you shift your tiles, a new tile comes up.  Your objective is to arrange the same kind of tiles and combine them that will make a new huge tile number.  It is very simple to arrange and combine number Two and Four tiles, but at the time you start getting into bigger numbers, you need a tough time arranging the big number of tiles with the entire small tiles number around.

This 2048 game is very addictive game version of Mobile. This game actually needs proper strategy, mainly when you get more along in this addictive game.  For the starting some minutes, you cannot lose, except you are actually keeping a try hard to misplace.  But as this puzzle game keep on the track, you get lots of tiles.  And the just method you can shift your tiles is that you must have a vacant space to shift the tiles.  In case you actually wish to get to the tile 2048 and want to win this addictive game, you need not to be wasting your shifts and repetition up the tiles.  In its place, you have to figure out and strategize which type of move will bring some buck for you.  Every time you shift your tile, a new tile will come and you have to arrange that tile in perfect place.  In this manner, it is really a challenging and interesting game, you will really want to play this game from your mobile, so don’t waste your precious time in searching here and there, get 2048 apk now from trustworthy online gaming portal!!!

Some of important instructions of this Game are-

  • You can swipe to shift the tiles, at the time you get two tiles with the equal number; they will automatically merge with each other.
  • Like: 2+2=4 and 4+4=8, once a 2048 tile is formed, you will win the game.

Advantages and Features

  • You can get the game version that perfectly works on any type of android device, but the version should be start from 2.2.
  • In this game swipe will works for complete area of screen
  • You can enjoy night mode in your bed
  • Multiplayer gaming mode
  • After composed 2048 tile, you can keep enjoying for best-score

New Updates

Now you can get some new updates in this interesting game:

  • Enhanced Multiplayer constancy
  • You can arrange game with your friends and set it active automatically
  • New and attractive Leader board in the Classic game mode to enter score higher than the score of 2, 00, 000
  • Fix small bugs and improvement in performance

So get this wonderful game today and start enjoy.

Pac-man Museum

Pac-Man Museum

Another childhood game makes a comeback in an all new avatar! The Pac-man Museum has the classic Pac-man so that you can relive the good old days and the newer arcade version is introduced to bring some novelty. The arcade mode will help you play through the process of evolution of the whole game and your attention will surely fixated to it no matter how old you are.

Thief Game

Thief Game
This game will take the concept of stealing to a whole new level. It is not about the typical catching the thief anymore but being the master thief! The super realistic animation of this game almost helps glorifying the idea of being one cool thief and you can play it on your PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

What is MMO GAME ?

A MMO game is one wich has the ability to bring many players at once connected to the Internet.
The term MMO is given by the acronym “Masive Multiplayer Online Game” which literally means “MMO”.
The most common games of this type are the browser games, which are designed to be played directly in any web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, so you normally don’t need to install any software to start playing. Now there are many types of multiplayer games for different consoles in the market as Xbox 360, Play Station 3 or Nintendo Wii .
On the net you will find hundreds of browser games of all kinds of styles such as war games, role-playing, strategy, science fiction, sports, economy and even greater thematic such pirate games or age media, even some where you must conquer the space .
In this type of game everyone can play! In English you will find players from many countries making it even more fun to play, since there are usually ways to communicate in real time with others players through a chat, or normal messages. Moreover, in many of them is the possibility of playing as a team.
In some games you will probably need some plugins to your browser, as Flash or Java player, although generally these plugins are already installed so the vast majority of users can play without installing software, and you can play both in Windows, Linux and Mac
The quality of the games varies from one to another, or from the company that develops, you might find fun games with a not very impressive graphics, or some with a great design work but a very boring subject graphic quality. We recommend visiting MMO Games on to find some of the most exiting MMO Games at a great quality.

World of Tanks


For all those who love the violence and gore while gaming, the World of Tanks game is best for you. It brings you the experience of the WW2 and early cold war era! Select your tank and group of 15 comrades to fight the death battle with another group of 15 players! With tank destroyers, tank weak points, this game will make you feel like a pro at handling tanks!

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

The famous Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game of this version of Ninja is not available on the PlayStation 4 as well! Do not miss out on the hilarious experience of the entertaining and fun game! We introduced the Zombie Ninjas as the whole gaming world is obsessed with zombies and ninjas so we decided to bring both together and create something that you must not miss out on!

The Classic Super Mario Bros latest version

The Classic Super Mario Bros latest version

The original Super Mario Bros that took the major part of the childhood of those who are adults today has found its way to capture the childhood of today’s kids too! Or well, your adulthood too! With the Star mode and the Challenge mode being introduced, the game will be twice or thrice as much fun as the original Mario Bros!

Cheese hunt: Cheese to the mouse

Cheese hunt Cheese to the mouse

This game is all about the mouse that wants to take the cheese to its hole. For this player have to help the mouse to find out the cheese cube and after that deliver it to the hole of the mouse. There are different hurdles and complications that player has to cross to complete the level and this is what makes the player happy.